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I feel like nothing is happening in the show. Of course, the fun moments are nice, like her mom’s bacon and Alek’s flirting. But the show doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be! It doesn’t focus on the Mai-lore and the Brian-Chloe thing got old ages back. I still have hopes for this show though.

Anyway, Chloe’s mom finally has a date. Good for her! Now she can stop poking into her daughter’s affairs so much. And I think the boyfriend has more of a role to play than just a gentleman future sleeping buddy. Mimi, a new Mai student arrives at school and dates Alek. Honestly, if I was on a roof and she was hitting on me, I would forget Chloe and get it on with her! She’s super hot and seems like a good girl/Mai or whatever. And Alek knows Chloe likes Brian. He should just get over her.

As Chloe and Brian struggle with the status of their relationship, he asks her to accompany him to a charity art opening at Rezza Capital which is being hosted by his father. This was one of the most disappointing sequence and a total let down. Brian’s dad and his girlfriend both were in the same room and she recognized Chloe. Couldn’t they have killed Chloe easily then and there? Major crappy writing right there.

Amy dates a less than savory character from school and needs Chloe to rescue her. Of course it’s always Chloe that they call instead of the more logical choice – police! However, it is into Paul’s arms she runs when he and Chloe save the day. I am going to pick on Amy! She dates this creepy dude who gambles illegally and goes along with him into a den full of gangsters. And she hates Paul just because he got naked?!! She’s a hypocrite and needs to keep her priorities right. And what’s with the old music when Chloe was fighting those gangsters. That was so fun and awesome.

Brian tells Chloe he is falling in love with her, just hours after his father discovers they are dating. And Chloe runs away telling him they can never be together and this scene was truly moving. It was the first time I felt they truly liked each other. I don’t think Mai can kill humans with just a kiss or else, they would have never gone along with this Brian thing for more than half the season. But, I’m still hoping Brian dies! lol. And no Jasmine or Valentina in this episode. Bummer.


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How can Chloe have a smile on her face when she saw two other Mai in her store who were acting like they owned her. Haven’t Valentina, Alek and jasmine made it clear there are many evil forces out there to get her! She shouldn’t open up to everybody without proof of their innocence or justifying their causes. She’s the Uniter for goodness sakes. It’s like her stupidity excelled to new levels here.

In this episode, Chloe hangs out with two Brazilian Mai girls, Lilah and Nikki. Chloe hangs out with them on a girls night out, as the title suggests, along with Amy and Jasmine in a nightclub. Jasmine is there to look out for Chloe as she suspects something is amiss, since Lilah and Nikki hadn’t contacted Valentina through proper channels about their arrival or their interest in Chloe. Their views on humans differ vastly from that of Valentina and the other Mai living in San Fransisco. They are more likely to make out and kill a human without a second thought. Apparently girls these days don’t walk into the restrooms as often as I have seen them do. A guy is kissed to death and he’s spread across 3 stalls and none of the girls raise an alarm. And of course, in classic teen show style, we have to believe that the Brazilian Mai leader sent two teenage, bitchy girls to bring back the Uniter with them. Chloe doesn’t accept their request and so they fight with her and Jasmine upon which one of the girls dies and the other runs away with her tail behind her legs spewing threats.

The two Brazilian bitchy Mai's!

Oh and Amy wants a bit more romance in her boring relationship with Paul. So, Chloe gives him hints to take it to the next level and Paul uses Chloe’s word of wisdom on his romance and makes the classic guy mistake of sleeping naked on her bed with some lit candles! That was hilarious to watch Amy freak out. Poor girl had dressed up for the night with such high hopes and expectations! The actual interaction of friends was good to see. When Chloe told her that she put Paul up to show some affection to her, Amy wasn’t upset like in all the other teen shows, she was actually happy.

And I was getting my hopes up when Brian’s father told him to get his ass back into college, but then they poured water on me by making him stay back giving an idiotic reason! He wanted to prove himself to his father. Prove what, I say? I didn’t understand a thing he was explaining about that issue. Damn him, he is boring. The thing I was dreading has finally happened. No Alek in the whole episode!! Why are they creating unnecessary, improbable relationship issue with Chloe and cat ears!! Damn I wish they would just kill off Brian. Watching grass grow is much more exciting than watching him trying so difficultly to recite his dialogues. And what’s up with Chloe giving a whole speech about how much cat ears means to her and how much she likes him and cares about him?? Its only been like 4 weeks since she met him and she doesn’t even know about him properly. Without Valentina and Alek, the show lost some charm this episode.

And I am thinking the comedic part of the show is overshadowing and undermining the much darker part of it. Comedy is all well and good, but I think they take it too far sometimes. But it’s still addictive and I am excited for the next episode. And now we know that Alek wasn’t completely bluffing when he said Mai kiss kills. I think there’s more to it than a simple kiss to kill a human. What did you guys think about this week’s episode?

How can Chloe have a smile on her face when she saw two other Mai in her store who were acting like they owned her. Haven’t Valentina, Alek and jasmine made it clear there are many evil forces out there to get her! She shouldn’t open up to everybody without proof of their innocence or justifying their causes. She’s the Uniter for goodness sakes. Its like her stupidity excelled to new levels here.

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For the first time in the brief period of our endearing show, we get to start the episode somewhere other than in Chloe’s bedroom! This time Alek and Jasmine are training Chloe, in what seems to be apparently parkour. Since Chloe doesn’t want to jump across buildings, Alek taunts her as a scaredy ‘human’. Yeah, who wouldn’t want to jump across the huge gap between buildings and not get scared out of their minds. It’s not like death is a big deal if they didn’t make it! And humans are basically a spineless race according to him!

Ooh, I wanna kiss Alek! Wait! Damn there’s cat-ears too!

Also Chloe is starting to hear other people’s conversations and she can’t control it. Alek helps her to control her gift in the middle of a crowded marketplace or something by making her listen to his heartbeat and our Chloe goes weak in the knees at that moment. I really wish they just hook up! Alek is infinitely more interesting than cat ears Brian! And what’s with dear old Mom. She doesn’t even care about Chloe’s life now? She used to poke around so much into Chloe’s life and now all of a sudden, she doesn’t want to?? Well, that was resolved by the end.

This episode contained a stalker storyline along with the season arc of the Mai and The Order. Since Chloe can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business and now with her newfound empathy powers (which is an extra power which other Mai don’t have!), she gets tangled up with shopkeeper friend’s ex-boyfriend. You know the car scene with annoying Amy, it reminded me of Nancy Drew, Chloe being a more kick-ass Nancy Drew! (No disrespect to her, I loved Nancy Drew when I was younger. I suppose I do even now). With this, my doubts have been confirmed – Meddling is a Superhero birthright!

“I want to be a meddlesome Rapunzel!” Adorable pigtail Chloe!! I love it!!

Also Cat Ears didn’t seem to be as pathetic in this episode. He actually got a pretty good story now. He has no friends beside Chloe and he wants to date her – a 16-year-old, which basically means he’s the most pathetic guy ever. He discloses the real reason he came to the city. His mother was murdered and someone left him a key with a note saying that all was not as it seemed or something to that effect. He snoops around a bit and realizes his father had been hiding the whole truth from him. Come on Brian, when has your father ever been less than mysterious and emotionally distant?!! You should have realized something was wrong a long time ago! But of course, if he didn’t have a sad story, he wouldn’t have anything to brood about now, would he? And girls find brooding, creepy guys so attractive nowadays. So the writers said, lets keep him brooding for a reason now.

So this episode we finally had a Mai and The Order semi-leader showdown!! Brilliant, I can’t wait for more of their confrontations. The San Fransisco Mai leader was relaxing on Brian’s dad’s couch in a cat-like way and threatened him and his son. The most witty reply he could come up with was – “Get out of my house”! Dude you really have to improve upon your threats. Just looking constipated all the time won’t cut it!

I'm the king of constipated looks!

So, this episode wasn’t great or anything. They are continuing with the case of the week storytelling. They should stress more on the Mai mythology and less on stupid train wrecks like stalker boy! But, this episode still raised some interesting questions: Did the Mai kill Brian’s mother? Will Brian ever man up and go on a date with someone his own age? And how much do you love our adorable, meddling Chloe with the pigtail? lol. This show has slowly crept up into my ‘lovable awesome teen shows’ list!! What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off on the comments below!

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Our beloved show begins and ends with the way it typically likes to – Chloe alone in her room. This time we have Alek, who is flirting with her on her bed and even though she looks like she is annoyed, she is not trying hard enough to chase him away. So, she probably likes it. Turns out Alek isn’t there solely for the purpose of flirting with her – the Mai Leader wants to meet Chloe! I’m surprised it took her this long to even bother. Alek could have told this in school, but then we wouldn’t have the wacky mom moment. Of course, mom imposes a ‘No Boys in Bedroom’ rule. Like as if her teenage daughter wouldn’t have sex anywhere else if she wanted to!

Chloe meets Valentina, the leader of the San Francisco Mai who also happens to be Jasmine’s mom. She suggests Chloe go into hiding to remain safe. Chloe’s unsure of abandoning her life because of her mom and friends. The scarface killer is still out there and he begins stalking Chloe’s love ones and after a talk with Valentina, Chloe’s informed that even though Mai and Human co-exist, they just don’t mix. Amy performs at local talent show and Paul cheers her. Scarface steals Chloe’s mother cell phone calling her on it. Chloe finds out that scarface is bluffing and asks Alek to look out for her mom and Valentina makes Chloe to stay in her home. Scarface calls again, this time from the place where Amy is performing and threatens her. Chloe agrees to give herself up. Scarface then traps Chloe and throws her into the river to drown. That’s the best and most efficient way to kill her as everytime she returns back to life, she would drown again with no air to breathe. As Chloe struggles, Jasmine arrives and fights him until Chloe’s free of the ropes. They fight him off and Valentina comes out of the blue, pulls out a badass looking knife and kills Scarface in the process saving her daughter and Chloe from certain death.

Valentina came across as someone who gets what she wants no matter the price. She would definitely not leave Chloe alone until she gets her into going into hiding. On Chloe’s behalf Alek had been guarding her mom until she came back. That should atleast send a message to her that he actually cares about her and is not the snob he usually portrays himself as. And enough with the Chloe-Brian thing already. It is very annoying to watch the scenes where they are together. And he stalks Chloe EVERYWHERE!! No way is that even remotely cute. I am a guy and my friends have tried that. Trust me, a girl finds it creepy if you know everything about her. On another note, I think that Chloe’s mom may know about Chloe’s past. Well, we will find that out when that bridge comes to pass. And Amy actually seems to think that her singing debut is much more important than finding out about Chloe’s destiny, responsibilities and escaping scarface! She was cute before, but is now turning slightly obnoxious. Nobody should joke about breaking up with your significant others in front of third parties. Oh and Paul is probably the only one who gets how awesome and interesting Chloe’s newfound power is. Paul, you just became the voice of reason on this show. But that crying scene made him very lame!

Were you all happy that scarface died? Now that scarface is apparently dead, who will be the one to come after Chloe next? And will Brian’s dad learn about his son and Chloe anytime soon? Do you want Chloe to be with Brian or Alek? Will Valentina be able to convince Chloe into hiding? Does Chloe’s mom know about her daughter’s mysterious origins? And can anybody please tell me what the hell this episode’s title – Green Star means?

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While replying to the email that her father sent in the last episode, Chloe senses something is wrong and climbs to the roof to check it out. She spots a shadowy figure and chases him through rooftops only to realize that it was Alek who was actually standing guard outside her room and he wanted to make a point to her. She needed to be more careful with her remaining 8 lives. Both of her friends are incredibly cool with Chloe’s newfound powers and inhuman nature. They think she’s a super-hero while she thinks she’s some sort of super-freak.

Chloe is still feeling guilty over Xavier’s death, even though she seems to be coping with it quite well with Brian. She is blaming herself for his death, but it seems that its scar-face who killed him on the orders of Brian’s father. While Brian and his father seemed very close in the last episode, we get to know in this episode that they really aren’t that close. Chloe goes to Xavier’s funeral and learns that his parents blame his drug addict brother, Gabriel for his death. Chloe contacts Gabriel and discovers that he is no longer an addict, but is working for drug dealers who will not let him out of their grasp. Chloe advises him to follow his brother’s guidance, upon which he sets a trap for the drug dealers. Chloe goes head-on to save him from them since there’s no way they would let him go alive. Alek tries to stop her, but she doesn’t listen. So, he disapprovingly joins her and fights the dealers. With Amy and Paul’s help, they manage to contain the situation.

Later Alek warns Chloe that if she continues seeing Brain “One of them will get hurt” and offers to answer any questions she has about the Mai. Chloe decides to take her mom’s advice about taking risks in life and is talking to Brian on the phone and hears a noise on her roof dismissing it as Alek, while it’s the assassin waiting for Chloe at her weakest point.

Last episode may have shown the jock, obnoxious side of Alek, but in this episode he comes off as someone who cares about Chloe. Well, caring may be pushing it a bit, but he definitely is obsessed with her. Maybe it’s because of the proximity of a female Mai, a girl whom he can actually go out with without worrying he may paralyze her. Brian seems to be a good guy and all, but I am actually rooting for Alek and Chloe, which means the show is definitely doing its job by being fun and addictive.

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Summertime has become the perfect time for broadcast networks to experiment with their shows. Since, they know they aren’t going to get the same ratings as they do during the regular fall season, they are not worried if a show doesn’t have stellar ratings. This leads to shows such as Switched At Birth, The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Teen Wolf. ABC Family’s latest summer offering, The Nine Lives of Chloe King is being touted as the next Buffy. I decided to give the show a try since I love teen dramas and fantasy in teen drama is even more exciting! The show is written by Liz Braswell and is based on Alloy’s series of three young-adult books by Celia Thomson.

The story begins with our main protagonist, Chloe King being chased by someone. She inadvertently runs into a tower where she is pushed off the top from a scar-faced assassin. Chloe lies on the sidewalk with blood oozing out of her brain and is dead. That’s it people, show’s over! Well, not yet. The dreaded “2 Days Earlier” flashes on the screen and we are taken into the life of Chloe King a day before she turns sweet 16. We get to know that Chloe is very good and quiet girl and she wants that to change. She and her friends, Amy and Paul sneak into a dance club, despite being underage. At the club, she meets a boy Xavier and dances with him and has the wildest night of her young life. She kisses him, something she’s been longing to do for a very long time when we see the mysterious assassin stalking her. Next day in school, she grabs the basketball from Alek, an obnoxious jock and sends it flying to the trash can perfectly. All of a sudden Alek seems to notice Chloe and makes his move on her. Before he can kiss her, his cousin, Jasmine stops him.

Chloe discovers that there is something very special about her when she leaps onto a car to escape from a runaway cyclist and she runs like hell to find out what more she can do. Turns out she is quite agile, has an acute sense of hearing, has superhuman strength and sharp eyes. When she’s attacked by a creepy homeless guy in an alley, she scratches the bazeejus out of the guy and finds out that she has retractable claws, not unlike Wolverine. She then meets Brian at work and later goes on a coffee date with him, where a dog acts strangely around her. Now, she has a weird feeling and begins to run away when we find out that she’s being chased and eventually is pushed from the tower. In keeping up with the title of the show, Chloe comes back to life and finds out that two of the shadowy guys following her were actually Alek and Jasmine who were there to help her. They inform her that she is a Mai; the descendants of an ancient and powerful race who are not completely human, nor Gods, but the offsprings of them and she, Chloe is actually the Uniter, saviour of their race since she has 9 lives. They make sure she knows that she can never be intimate with a human, without harming the human and Chloe rushes to Xavier’s place to find out that he had died.

Scarface calls Chloe to inform her that she should come alone to a warehouse if she wants Paul to live. Amy and Chloe drive to the abandoned warehouse, where Chloe fights the assassin. She is helped by Alek and Jasmine, where Jasmine takes a hit for Chloe. Later we find out that Brian’s father was actually the one who was giving the orders for the murder of the Mai’s. One more thing revealed to the audience is that Chloe was actually adopted from a Ukrainian orphanage. In the final shot of the premiere, we get to see that Chloe had received an email from her dad who warns her not to trust anybody. Thing is, her dad left them a long time ago.

I know what you all thought when you saw the premiere! Who needs another fantasy based teen show! And who the hell runs into a tower when somebody is chasing you! That’s so cliché. Well, I don’t mind these kind of teen shows as long as they have a good storyline, direction and acting. And the mother-daughter relationship seems more like two teens relationship. The mother is more excited about Chloe’s dating life than any normal mother should be. And our main character Chloe went from being loser to player in a matter of hours. One moment she’s dreaming about kissing any guy and the next moment she’s juggling three handsome guys. That came across rather unconvincingly. The scar-faced assassin, the evil boss in the black hooded car are some other clichés. Both of her friends are incredibly cool when they learn about Chloe’s inhuman origins. Amy and Paul are very quirky characters and likable, especially Amy. Since Chloe’s dad was being mentioned a lot during the promotional interviews, he obviously has a big part to play in the show.

All in all, this show looks sweet and exciting. The dialogues are funny and sometimes clever, when it’s not dealing with Chloe’s dating life. And Skyler Samuels can definitely act. This girl has the potential to make it big. I think I will stick to the show. I am interested in finding out about the origins of the Mai and how Chloe fits into the Mai world. Also, this show doesn’t have anything to do with Vampires, Werewolves or Witches and that makes me want to watch it all the more.

Best line:

Alek – Why are you giving me such a hard time?

Chloe – Believe me, if I knew it was going to have this kind of effect, I would have never touched your ball. Don’t say it.

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