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Old habits really die hard. ‘Habit Forming’ saw Dr. Dani having as much trouble in getting over her bad habits as her patients. Her book club is now taken over by her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. Her kids are still playing her. She suspects her mother when critical players information is leaking out, and it could have put her job in jeopardy. And she keeps on sending mixed signals to her on-off one night stand.

I can’t believe that a woman as smart as Dani is being played by her son, Ray. He uses her patient, Terrence King to get into a hip club with his hot crush and then when his car is stolen, he manipulates her into believing that it was being repaired and it would take more than 2 weeks to get it back! Then TK buys him a brand new car. The little bastard is already spoiled, why spoil him so much more!! I can’t wait for his payback. TK is slowly turning into Ray’s mentor and its kind of nice, but Ray gets on my nerves.

Dr. Dani must determine the cause of a fullback’s absence from practice. As Meanwhile, Matt is reunited with a friend with some bad habits. Meanwhile Matt’s sleazy friend, Ted (Victor Webster) is hitting on her and at the same time he is pushing her towards Matt. Like his character in Castle, I was hoping he would be gone and it was good to see he was the guilty one here. Dani definitely has some bad habits of her own she needs to break. Hopefully jumping on the other side of the bed is just the beginning.


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Dr. Dani treats a NASCAR driver (Matt Barr) who needs help regaining confidence after a crash. He doesn’t want to go back to racing, even though he escaped the 175 mph crash with barely a scratch. So, Dani is put up to the task of making him see the light of day and come back to the competition within 10 days as he is one of their rising stars. Over the course of the episode, we get to know that the real problem of his panic attacks isn’t the crash, but it is his childhood idol who bullies him on the track by tapping against his car.

Also the custody battle at court is coming to new heights. Now the court has sent someone to investigate the life of the children in Dani’s household. Seems like Dani’s about to fall short in her list. When the cat is out, the mice come out and play. While Dani is out at a well deserved party, Lindsay and Ray throw a party at home and Lindsay can’t stand the tongue action taking place in her bedroom and calls the police herself. Well, even though the investigator knows about the sons condoms and daughter’s theft charges and all the crazy happenings, she gives a certificate as that of a normal household and recommends the custody stay with the mom.

And T.K. gets in a fight with a rookie. They both steal each others girls and go all out at each other until Dani interferes and puts some sense into his head. By the end they’re close buddies. And the ‘fixer’ guy is given a back story and possible affection towards Dani little by little. And we are supposed to believe that Dani is a strict mother? If any of my friends had crashed the family or brother’s car into something, we would have been flayed and grounded for life! She is absolutely an angel for grounding her daughter for just a month!

I loved this episode! It had NASCAR racing!!! T.K is getting funnier and funnier each episode. And what’s up with Dani being able to treat patients so quickly! Anyway, it was another fun and entertaining episode. What did you think?

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I’m not a cynic in any sense of the word, but after the above average pilot episode, I was wondering whether they could build the characters any more since the premise wasn’t original and I didn’t think they would be able to give the peripheral characters enough depth to make them interesting. Thankfully, the second episode – “Anchor Management” is even more entertaining than the 90 minute pilot itself.

Very hot dream scene!

Dr. Dani was likable and the characters around her also stepped up their game. Matthew and Dani were actually very hot in the dream sequence. Dani is getting really horny for him and did you know 47% of divorced women are much more horny than married women! That made me laugh so much! Callie and Marc have some major chemistry going on. T.K is still in the picture and so Matthew has something to work with. Dani’s best friend Janet actually provided insight to the psychiatrist into the mind of a teen! She made her realize what it was to be a teenager, since Dani’s daughter was lashing out. And Dani’s mother was nowhere to be found. I’m happy about that. I didn’t like her. Castle’s mother is the best one on TV.

Janet: Do you remember what happened when your Mom said you couldn’t go out with Ray? Dani: I got married and pregnant. Oh.

This episode concentrated on treating a hotshot anchor, Griffin who was given a prime time war news show. He was a war journalist for over a decade, touring around countries who were in war and for that the network had given him his own show. Griffin couldn’t stop the urge to laugh out during a live war interview and this made the network to rest him for a couple of weeks and he comes to Dr. Dani for help. It was very heartbreaking to watch the real reason for Griffin’s demeanour and all that angst. I hope I won’t be like him when the time comes to have my own child. All in all, a very good episode which makes me want to watch it next week. I enjoyed it more than the first.

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This USA network series is based on the true story of a female psychologist who worked for the ‘New York Jets’.

The show centres around the life of Long Island psychotherapist, Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne from Rescue Me and Prison Break). After finding out that her husband is cheating on her, she throws him out and files for a divorce. After a few weeks she has a fling with Matthew Donnally (Marc Blucas from Knight and Day) who happens to be the football team’s trainer. She helps Matthew to quit smoking and after her credentials are confirmed, the coach hires her as the therapist for star footballer, Terrence King aka T.K whose personal life is affecting his game and could possibly destroy his future in football. This new job and the stress of being a newly minted single mother takes toll on her personal life. Meanwhile, her husband is filing for custody of their two children. Somehow she has to work through all the hardships and the seemingly insurmountable task of treating T.K.

With the tagline – ‘Everybody has issues to tackle’, USA Network’s latest offering seems to provide quality entertainment for those who love their drama. In my view, the 90-minute premiere wasn’t bad, but it doesn’t seem to be the kind of show that requires one to be excited about for the new episode. The direction is quite good, but the story doesn’t seem like a fresh idea. The premiere reminded me a bit of ‘The Blindside’ with its tough love lead character. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it kinda bugged me a bit and I have no idea why, since I liked ‘The Blindside’ movie. Anyway, the children are your normal teenage brats. The son, following up in his father’s footsteps, is juggling multiple girlfriends in high school and the daughter is your everyday wannabe cool, sexy chick with issues.

But since its summer and there aren’t many quality shows to choose from, I guess I will stick to it for another couple of episodes before deciding whether I should continue with it or not.

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