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I feel like nothing is happening in the show. Of course, the fun moments are nice, like her mom’s bacon and Alek’s flirting. But the show doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be! It doesn’t focus on the Mai-lore and the Brian-Chloe thing got old ages back. I still have hopes for this show though.

Anyway, Chloe’s mom finally has a date. Good for her! Now she can stop poking into her daughter’s affairs so much. And I think the boyfriend has more of a role to play than just a gentleman future sleeping buddy. Mimi, a new Mai student arrives at school and dates Alek. Honestly, if I was on a roof and she was hitting on me, I would forget Chloe and get it on with her! She’s super hot and seems like a good girl/Mai or whatever. And Alek knows Chloe likes Brian. He should just get over her.

As Chloe and Brian struggle with the status of their relationship, he asks her to accompany him to a charity art opening at Rezza Capital which is being hosted by his father. This was one of the most disappointing sequence and a total let down. Brian’s dad and his girlfriend both were in the same room and she recognized Chloe. Couldn’t they have killed Chloe easily then and there? Major crappy writing right there.

Amy dates a less than savory character from school and needs Chloe to rescue her. Of course it’s always Chloe that they call instead of the more logical choice – police! However, it is into Paul’s arms she runs when he and Chloe save the day. I am going to pick on Amy! She dates this creepy dude who gambles illegally and goes along with him into a den full of gangsters. And she hates Paul just because he got naked?!! She’s a hypocrite and needs to keep her priorities right. And what’s with the old music when Chloe was fighting those gangsters. That was so fun and awesome.

Brian tells Chloe he is falling in love with her, just hours after his father discovers they are dating. And Chloe runs away telling him they can never be together and this scene was truly moving. It was the first time I felt they truly liked each other. I don’t think Mai can kill humans with just a kiss or else, they would have never gone along with this Brian thing for more than half the season. But, I’m still hoping Brian dies! lol. And no Jasmine or Valentina in this episode. Bummer.


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Old habits really die hard. ‘Habit Forming’ saw Dr. Dani having as much trouble in getting over her bad habits as her patients. Her book club is now taken over by her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. Her kids are still playing her. She suspects her mother when critical players information is leaking out, and it could have put her job in jeopardy. And she keeps on sending mixed signals to her on-off one night stand.

I can’t believe that a woman as smart as Dani is being played by her son, Ray. He uses her patient, Terrence King to get into a hip club with his hot crush and then when his car is stolen, he manipulates her into believing that it was being repaired and it would take more than 2 weeks to get it back! Then TK buys him a brand new car. The little bastard is already spoiled, why spoil him so much more!! I can’t wait for his payback. TK is slowly turning into Ray’s mentor and its kind of nice, but Ray gets on my nerves.

Dr. Dani must determine the cause of a fullback’s absence from practice. As Meanwhile, Matt is reunited with a friend with some bad habits. Meanwhile Matt’s sleazy friend, Ted (Victor Webster) is hitting on her and at the same time he is pushing her towards Matt. Like his character in Castle, I was hoping he would be gone and it was good to see he was the guilty one here. Dani definitely has some bad habits of her own she needs to break. Hopefully jumping on the other side of the bed is just the beginning.

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 Every hero needs a nemesis. For every Charles Xavier, we need a Magneto to truly understand the potential destruction or good that these people with extraordinary abilities can do. This episode may have just introduced the evil character who doesn’t necessarily want to do evil, but situations force his inner evil to bubble to the surface after six years of institutionalization.
 The alpha in question, Marcus Ayers was a patient of Dr. Rosen’s six years back. He has the ability to predict what happens for every cause he sees. He can predict the effects of anything, which makes him a highly coveted alpha for the government and hence, the six years of drugs and training. Marcus escaped custody after triggering a multiple vehicle accident during his shifting from the Compound to a facility where they would extract his alpha abilities. Marcus possesses the power to predict what will happen as a result of his actions.  It’s the cause and effect to him, the universe doesn’t act in random uncalculated ways and the life is just a series of chains of events. But his actions have a malevolent purpose behind them, he blames everyone else for his faults. The shocker is that Cameron (Wanted style gunman) has a similar neuro-anatomy to Marcus.
 Dr. Rosen and his team of alphas seek out other alphas and those who prove to be a threat to others or themselves are sent to Dr. Singh and Agent Wilson where they are supposedly treated for their own good. Rosen appears genuinely shocked when he finds out that Marcus and the others were being treated like guinea pigs instead of patients. Dr. Singh was doing much more than training and rehabilitating, he was domesticating and neutering those alphas who proved un-trainable. Well, this earns the wrath of Marcus over him. Also it rises the age-old conflict of Destiny and Free-will!
The first thing which is different and makes you look up is Dr. Rosen has got rid of his beard, a new office and the title sequence is different from the pilot. Of course, since there are so many months gap in between the pilot and the second episode, its understandable. Dr. Rosen seemed too naive to believe that the government would treat the alphas as merely patients. I guess that was the only complaint of the whole episode. And Marcus is a really interesting character. I like him and hope they make him a major character.

The big brother-little brother thing going between Bill and Gary seems to be a continuing theme and Nina and Rachel seem to have a sister thing going on. When Cameron and Nina are in the same room, the sexual tension becomes palpable. The government agents would likely be a recurring theme and this too points to X-Men movies and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. My only hope is that the series goes beyond just New York to make it seem that the alphas are more of a global phenomenon rather than a regional one. All in all a very entertaining episode.

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Change seems to be the order of the day in this episode of Falling Skies. Tensions are rising in the camp of the Second Mass and not everybody is relieved to have Ricky and Ben back. They have a new insult term for the harnessed kids now – ‘Razerback’. One family try to make a run for it after obtaining some medical supplies from Anne. Anne puts up a good fight, but in the face of a gun brandishing middle-aged father, she cannot win. While Mason, Weaver and the gang are chasing after them to reclaim the meds, Terry interferes and helps them out.

 He informs then that the Seventh Mass has been destroyed and only a handful of adult survivors remained, while the children were harnessed. He also had knowledge of the aliens patrol group coming towards Second Mass. He convinces them to send the children and some fighters with him to a safe house. Then the rest of the Second Mass, along with the Third Mass, who were on their way there, could gather and come to the safe house.

That night the patrol group finds out the Second Mass base and a fight ensues between the Mech and the fighters. One skitter goes behind, while everybody is involved with the Mech and attacks Jimmy, the thirteen year old, gun-toting kid. After a very cheesy crushing of the globe of the Earth, it is about to attack Jimmy when Weaver kills it from behind. The brave hearted Jimmy finally acts like a kid and hugs Weaver. Weaver is positive towards Jimmy and we can see there’s a fatherly bond growing inside him.

At the safe house, Terry takes a child out into the woods for an exchange with a little girl. The little girl is harnessed and a mech and skitter appear out of nowhere and reminds him to honor the deal he had made. He plans to surrender all the kids to them in a couple of days. The way this scene was handled was chillingly beautiful! Back at the safe house, we see Pope chained up like an animal. He is in a bad shape and we find out that he was the one who had given information about the whereabouts of the Second Mass, under an extremely difficult situation.

This episode was very predictable, but that does not mean that it was in any ways, boring. There was a lot to like about the writing in this week’s episode. In fact this episode was one of the best in the season. We get to know more about the skitters without the information being blasted into our face, through Ben. Turns out the harnesses do more than get the kids disease-free. Ben is able to do a hundred push-ups without breaking a sweat now. He also explains that the skitters were more like family. Dr. Anne is now more alert and has a gun at all times to protect herself the next time somebody tries to attack her. Mason went from ‘I’ll not send away my kids anywhere’ to ‘They must go for their own safety’! The safe house is as far from the definition of a Sanctuary as possible!

I love the way the skitters are being handled. Last week, the skitter in the hallway was very chillingly creepy. This week it was absolutely terrifying while attacking Jimmy. If they handle next week’s episode right, then the predictability of this week’s episode will fade from the mind and I will probably love it. And for goodness sakes, let Pope out!

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Dr. Dani treats a NASCAR driver (Matt Barr) who needs help regaining confidence after a crash. He doesn’t want to go back to racing, even though he escaped the 175 mph crash with barely a scratch. So, Dani is put up to the task of making him see the light of day and come back to the competition within 10 days as he is one of their rising stars. Over the course of the episode, we get to know that the real problem of his panic attacks isn’t the crash, but it is his childhood idol who bullies him on the track by tapping against his car.

Also the custody battle at court is coming to new heights. Now the court has sent someone to investigate the life of the children in Dani’s household. Seems like Dani’s about to fall short in her list. When the cat is out, the mice come out and play. While Dani is out at a well deserved party, Lindsay and Ray throw a party at home and Lindsay can’t stand the tongue action taking place in her bedroom and calls the police herself. Well, even though the investigator knows about the sons condoms and daughter’s theft charges and all the crazy happenings, she gives a certificate as that of a normal household and recommends the custody stay with the mom.

And T.K. gets in a fight with a rookie. They both steal each others girls and go all out at each other until Dani interferes and puts some sense into his head. By the end they’re close buddies. And the ‘fixer’ guy is given a back story and possible affection towards Dani little by little. And we are supposed to believe that Dani is a strict mother? If any of my friends had crashed the family or brother’s car into something, we would have been flayed and grounded for life! She is absolutely an angel for grounding her daughter for just a month!

I loved this episode! It had NASCAR racing!!! T.K is getting funnier and funnier each episode. And what’s up with Dani being able to treat patients so quickly! Anyway, it was another fun and entertaining episode. What did you think?

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Alphas has been written and directed by Zak Penn who was also the writer of X-Men 2 and 3 movies. He also serves as an executive producer in the show which airs on the Syfy channel. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that this show has an X-Men feel to it. Other than that it also seems to derive some elements from another hit show ‘Heroes’ and the movie ‘Wanted’. Here, people with special ability are called ‘Alphas’ and their incredible powers come with a price, which is refreshing to see.

Now that’s out of the way, lets dive in to the story and characters. Dr. Lee Rosen is the leader of a group of people who have superpowers. He is more of a doctor, like Xavier, than the leader you would expect and its refreshing for a tv show. He juggles between babysitting and his work of a therapist who gets the desired results from his team of Alphas. Watching him interact with Don, an agent, offered comedic elements which will be a breather in the days to come.

Bill Harken has superhuman strength and he is also a FBI agent. His chemistry with the team is lacking and he just doesn’t seem to consider the others as his equals, probably because all of them come from normal upbringing and don’t have the necessary professional quality in them. Nina, the hottie, has the power of hyperinduction. She can override the willpower in others and that’s a cool Jedi mind trick. Rachel has the power of synesthesia. that is she is able to enhance any one of her senses while all other senses shut down. Gary has the power of transduction. He is able to see all wireless electromagnetic wavelengths, making him the ultimate snoop.

Cameron is brainwashed into murdering a police suspect in a closed room, using his hyperkinesis. In my opinion, his story will be the most interesting and has the most potential since he has a troubled past, a problem with following orders though he served in the military and having this extraordinary ability which Angelina Jolie had in Wanted.

Dr. Lee Rosen is called in by the Department of Defense to investigate how this could happen in a sealed room with only two guards and no windows. Rosen calls in his team of Alphas to investigate why. Nina uses her powers of influence to talk herself into the room and Rachel uses her enhanced senses to figure out where the bullet came from. Bill is able to piece together a profile using all this information, leading them back to Cameron.

The alphas soon figure out Cameron was brainwashed by someone and use him as a decoy to draw that person out of hiding. Gary is able to trace who that person is by finding their unique cellphone signal. The alphas storm a hotel and believe they find the brainwasher who jumps off the roof of the hotel after a quick chase. Come to find out, the brainwasher brainwashed a bell boy to trade places with him. Thus the bell boy is the one who ends up killing himself.

The brainwasher is able to escape and manipulate Bill into trying to kill Rosen. The alphas figure this out with Nina heading off to help Rosen and Cameron running after the brainwasher. Meanwhile, the brainwasher has taken Rachel hostage while attempting to escape before being caught. Cameron is able to shoot and kill the brainwasher before he kills Rachel but not before he tells them “you’re on the wrong side of this.” Nina and Rosen are able to subdue Bill. The pilot ends with Rosen officially welcoming Cameron to the team.

I actually liked the pilot very much. Granted, it has all been done before, but it was still exciting to watch the 90-minute pilot. Ordinary people with extraordinary powers, an evil force out to get them. It is a classic plot and I am a sucker for it. I think this is going to be another show on my must watch list.

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How can Chloe have a smile on her face when she saw two other Mai in her store who were acting like they owned her. Haven’t Valentina, Alek and jasmine made it clear there are many evil forces out there to get her! She shouldn’t open up to everybody without proof of their innocence or justifying their causes. She’s the Uniter for goodness sakes. It’s like her stupidity excelled to new levels here.

In this episode, Chloe hangs out with two Brazilian Mai girls, Lilah and Nikki. Chloe hangs out with them on a girls night out, as the title suggests, along with Amy and Jasmine in a nightclub. Jasmine is there to look out for Chloe as she suspects something is amiss, since Lilah and Nikki hadn’t contacted Valentina through proper channels about their arrival or their interest in Chloe. Their views on humans differ vastly from that of Valentina and the other Mai living in San Fransisco. They are more likely to make out and kill a human without a second thought. Apparently girls these days don’t walk into the restrooms as often as I have seen them do. A guy is kissed to death and he’s spread across 3 stalls and none of the girls raise an alarm. And of course, in classic teen show style, we have to believe that the Brazilian Mai leader sent two teenage, bitchy girls to bring back the Uniter with them. Chloe doesn’t accept their request and so they fight with her and Jasmine upon which one of the girls dies and the other runs away with her tail behind her legs spewing threats.

The two Brazilian bitchy Mai's!

Oh and Amy wants a bit more romance in her boring relationship with Paul. So, Chloe gives him hints to take it to the next level and Paul uses Chloe’s word of wisdom on his romance and makes the classic guy mistake of sleeping naked on her bed with some lit candles! That was hilarious to watch Amy freak out. Poor girl had dressed up for the night with such high hopes and expectations! The actual interaction of friends was good to see. When Chloe told her that she put Paul up to show some affection to her, Amy wasn’t upset like in all the other teen shows, she was actually happy.

And I was getting my hopes up when Brian’s father told him to get his ass back into college, but then they poured water on me by making him stay back giving an idiotic reason! He wanted to prove himself to his father. Prove what, I say? I didn’t understand a thing he was explaining about that issue. Damn him, he is boring. The thing I was dreading has finally happened. No Alek in the whole episode!! Why are they creating unnecessary, improbable relationship issue with Chloe and cat ears!! Damn I wish they would just kill off Brian. Watching grass grow is much more exciting than watching him trying so difficultly to recite his dialogues. And what’s up with Chloe giving a whole speech about how much cat ears means to her and how much she likes him and cares about him?? Its only been like 4 weeks since she met him and she doesn’t even know about him properly. Without Valentina and Alek, the show lost some charm this episode.

And I am thinking the comedic part of the show is overshadowing and undermining the much darker part of it. Comedy is all well and good, but I think they take it too far sometimes. But it’s still addictive and I am excited for the next episode. And now we know that Alek wasn’t completely bluffing when he said Mai kiss kills. I think there’s more to it than a simple kiss to kill a human. What did you guys think about this week’s episode?

How can Chloe have a smile on her face when she saw two other Mai in her store who were acting like they owned her. Haven’t Valentina, Alek and jasmine made it clear there are many evil forces out there to get her! She shouldn’t open up to everybody without proof of their innocence or justifying their causes. She’s the Uniter for goodness sakes. Its like her stupidity excelled to new levels here.

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